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Whether you’re an attendee or speaker, we want to help you share your excitement and involvement in the upcoming AeroTech on your personal and organizational social media platforms.

  • Copy and paste the suggested social media posts below, or develop your own customized post to share to your personal platforms.
  • Add the #AeroTech and other relevant hashtags to your social posts, and engage with SAE via personal and organizational accounts
  • Follow SAE International on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and share our content with your followers
  • Look for ways to get involved in conversation such as Twitter threads related to the latest innovations and advancements in aerospace technology while engaging with your followers.
  • As the event draws closer, start posting more and engage with your followers as much as possible


  • #AeroTech
  • #AeroTech24
  • #aerospace

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Attendee Social Media Copy

  • I’m attending #AeroTech24 in Charlotte, North Carolina! As SAE’s premier professional conference on aerospace technology, I’m looking forward to exploring the industry’s latest innovations and advancements. Hope to see you there!

  • Looking forward to connecting with industry leaders and learning about the latest cutting-edge technologies at SAE’s #AeroTech. Join me in Charlotte, North Carolina to explore the future of #aerospace.

  • SAE’s #AeroTech combines a diverse range of keynotes, technical presentations, and panel discussions with a wealth of networking opportunities to make the perfect forum to gain insights into the latest industry trends. I’m heading to Charlotte, North Carolina to connect with industry professionals like you. Hope to see you there in March!


Speaker Social Media Copy

  • SAE’s #AeroTech is your opportunity to learn about the latest cutting-edge technologies, share and celebrate achievements, and discover new ways to enhance your professional skills and expertise. Be sure to check out my presentation where I’m speaking on [TOPIC].

  • I’m giving a presentation at SAE’s #AeroTech24! Whether you’re an engineer looking to stay up to date on the latest technologies, an executive looking to gain strategic insights and network with industry peers, or a researcher looking to share your latest findings with the wider #aerspace community, Aerotech is the place to be. Be sure to check out my session on [DATE & TIME].

  • #AeroTech provides the unique opportunity to advance yourself, your organization, technology, and industry. I’m presenting on [TOPIC], be sure to check out my session and bring your questions. Hope to see you at SAE’s premier aerospace conference in Charlotte, North Carolina this March.

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